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Building Plans


We have put together this step-by-step guide to help you plan your project from kicking off the design process right through getting your design and plans approved by your local council.

Moore Design is here to help you through each of these stages and we’ll make the process easy!

We’re experts in our field and have completed hundreds of projects across the country.




The first step is to set up a time for us to come and meet with you to talk about
your project.

This is a FREE consultation where we can get to know more about what you would like
to do with your existing house or what plans you have for your new build.



Once we have had our initial meeting with you, we will provide you with a fee proposal for our services.

This will include:

  • a detailed project scope/brief

  • the process and services you will receive from us.

  • identification of any additional consultants required i.e. surveyors, engineers.

  • some indicative timeframes

  • our fees

  • our terms and conditions.



Once you have come on board, the first step will be to complete a site visit and/or measure up.

This is the first time you will meet the designer that will be working on your project and is another opportunity to talk about your project in detail.




Here we will bring together the initial design brief and all relevant information to creatively present you with an original, bespoke concept. With the help of 3D images, plans and layouts, we will give you a clear visual depiction of your design.


This is where your project comes to life!

Floor Plants


After you have spent time reviewing your initial design, we will meet to talk about any changes you would like to make.

We’ll provide you with updated 3D images and plans, along with finalised material selections based on the changes we’ve discussed. 

At the end of this stage most of the design decisions have been made and you’ll be able to obtain a construction cost estimate from a builder or quantity surveyor.




Any requirement for a resource consent will be identified at our initial meeting or at the concept design stage.

A resource consent as required, if the design breaches one or more of the district plan rules your council uses.

We will produce the plans needed for the resource consent and guide you through the process of obtaining your neighbours’ approval if required before submitting to council.



We will provide you with a complete set of building plans, details, calculations, specifications and all relevant product information for review prior to submitting your building consent to the council.

We may require input from a structural engineer or other consultants for your project.

We will incorporate the designs and
information from the consultants into our building consent documentation and submit it to the council once you have approved it.

Example of 3D image

House Layout



We will be the initial point of contact with the council for any questions they may have about the plans. We will respond to any requests for further information and work with the council to obtain the consent approval on
your behalf.

Council take up to 5 working days to vet and accept a consent, 20 working days to process the consent (or longer if additional information is requested) and then up to 5 working days to release the final stamped consent. We recommend allowing up to 6 working weeks for the council to process your consent.




But that’s not where our service ends. We will work closely with you and your builder during this exciting phase of your project – and provide assistance where we can.

We love to get out on site so we will be in touch to see your project as it progresses.
Your builder will be liaising with your local council to ensure that the appropriate inspections are completed along the way. We will also assist you with anything further that council may require during the construction phase.

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