Under the stairs 

Unless you’re housing Harry Potter under your staircase, this space is usually completely wasted, save a few mops and old pairs of shoes. If you’re not using the pocket of space beneath your stairs for anything important (such as a hot water cylinder location or a bathroom), you’re honestly better off popping a desk in there and utilising the space as a home office. A Wellington draughtsman will inspect, analyse and invent an office space solution for the area under your stairs, creating a wonderful workspace with ample lighting, a comfortable desk area and enough room for your chair and a bit of storage. You might have to remove a wall or door to achieve this Wellington renovation, but the reward of an extra room will be well worth it. 

Storage cupboards of any kind around the house can be transformed and utilised in a similar fashion. When it comes to storage and office spaces, you need to be more concerned with floorspace and less concerned with cupboards in which to load your extra stuff. An office requires floorspace, but linens, coats, shoes and cleaning supplies can all be tucked away neatly in a neat vertical storage solution. Such ‘on the wall’ cupboards and shelving systems are easily designed by a Wellington architect to suit your family’s individual needs. 

Swap that storage space for a desk, and arrange for an architect to do away with any of the clutter in a custom-made, neatly organised storage system.  


An unused bedroom 

Guest rooms are great, but they must be feeling pretty unused and empty right now with everyone having to stay away for the purpose of social distance. Wouldn’t that space be less wasteful if it served multiple purposes? We think so too. 

Leave it to our Wellington architects to discover and implement a way to create a dual-purpose space in your guest bedroom that accommodates both guests and computer users all in one sleek layout. You might find that the bed can be raised or folded away to afford you extra foorspace, or that a wardrobe might offer better use as a pocket of space for a desk; room to focus in peace.


Whatever the case, we’re sure to find a way to convert your spare bedroom into a beautiful home office, or a dual-purpose guest and office suite.