Why your dream home might not work on the property you’ve purchased

//Why your dream home might not work on the property you’ve purchased

Why your dream home might not work on the property you’ve purchased

Our island country has a way of dictating what kind of designs we can get away with when plotting our houses across its oftentimes challenging terrain. Wellington, for example, is surrounded by seawater and set upon harsh, rocky hills that meet some of the world’s mightiest winds head on. If you’re designing a home in Wellington, we’d say it’s almost better to design a home for Wellington.

It takes a seasoned Wellington architect to navigate the harsh building terrain of our capital, but with come clever Wellington house design it is a totally achievable task.

Today’s blog will teach you how to achieve Wellington architecture and a house design that’s ready for anything.


Get used to a levelled lifestyle

If you’re building or renovating in Wellington anywhere near the CBD, you’re almost guaranteed a small or sloping property. Not a problem for an experienced Wellington draughtsman, but meeting your ‘dream home’ needs might be a bit challenging if you’re not willing to compromise on your single story expectations.

To maximise usable floor space on a small or inclining property, your Wellington architect will recommend designing a two – three-story home, or at least a home that travels up the slope in a staircase-like fashion. This method is so much cheaper than building into the hill – instead, you’re building onto and with the hill. Why work against nature when you can use it to your advantage?

A multi-story home offers ample opportunity for creative and ultimately more attractive Wellington house design. Building ‘up’ can elevate your eyeline to some gorgeous views that you might otherwise have missed had you stuck to the ground floor. You will also enjoy a more private lifestyle in a multi-level Wellington house design: you could choose to group your bedrooms on one floor (away from the more public entertaining area).


We wary of your roof’s shape

While you might dream fondly of copious nooks, crannies and gables, we’d encourage you to approach your roof in a more minimalistic fashion. Being the literal windiest city in the world, Wellington’s famously fast gusts can tear roofs straight from homes. You don’t want to give these winds the chance with your roof, so keep things sleek and aerodynamic – the less potential ‘wind pockets’, the better!


Would you like to see more tips and tricks for effective Wellington house design that works with our capital’s crazy climate and terrain? Keep an eye on our blog and be sure to get in touch with our team of professional Wellington architects should you have any questions!


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