If your house just doesn’t meet the requirements of everyday family life, 2019 can be your year to change that. Homes should be functional above all other fashions or features. If a home is awkward to use, travel through or indeed exist in, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with its design. Not to worry, because our talented team of Wellington architects are wizards when it comes to retrospectively correcting Wellington house designs.

It’s one of our most famous magic tricks: intelligent Wellington house renovations.  

This month’s blog series, we’ll discuss a few common functionality flaws found in Wellington homes, and how we might set about fixing them as Wellington renovation architects. Today’s article, in particular, will focus on the functionality (or lack thereof) found in many Wellington kitchens.

Snug Kitchen Spaces

If you’ve lived with and worked in a tiny kitchen for more than a year, chances are you’ll have encountered one of the following grievances:

  • You’ve bumped your head on a cupboard or stubbed your toe on a draw
  • Hunting for cups and pots and pans is always a struggle
  • Your cuisine is limited to whatever you can fit in your meagre cupboard space
  • There may never be more than one person in the kitchen at a time: two is a crowd in this case!

So, how do we intend to resolve the issue of a too-small kitchen? In some cases, other rooms will need to relinquish square-footage to accommodate a kitchen expansion. Your Wellington architect will ensure your floorplan maintains form and functionality despite the change. Otherwise, we’ll discuss the other rooms in your house and consider options such as room-exchanging or house expansion.

Should your garden allow it, we could knock down a wall and design a space that extends outward while maintaining the beautiful shape and material of your roof and walls. In some cases, and depending on your home’s plumbing design, we might be able to swap rooms in your home to accommodate kitchen extension.


With more cupboard space, floor area and room to grow on offer in a Wellington kitchen renovation, what have you got to lose? Get in touch with the talented Wellington renovation architects at Moore Design to start talking reno today!