With a growing family comes an exciting, yet oftentimes intimidating, need for more space. Space for the kids to stretch their legs and burn off some steam, and space for parents to retreat, relax and recoup after a hard week’s worth of…well, life! 

Establishing the ultimate family home is a highly personal and somewhat intimidating experience, but it is by no means impossible. With the help of the talented Wellington draughtsmen at Moore, you’ll be well on your way to the family home of your dreams that’s tailored to suit your unique lifestyle perfectly. 


A fresh start

If you’re building your ultimate family dream home from scratch, we are just so excited for you! We never get tired of turning a growing family’s architectural dreams into a livable, comfortable and stylish reality. Whenever you’re ready to bring your ultimate family Wellington house design to life, our talented team will be available to offer helpful advice, and prepare an easy-to-understand architectural design for you to view. We’re well-connected in the construction industry, too, so be sure to make the most of our vast network of reliable, talented and experienced connections. 

Together, we’ll ensure your first big steps toward the ultimate family home are as rewarding as the first steps your little ones take. 


Work with what you have 

If it ain’t broke…add an extension. If your current Wellington house design is working for you, why move away? If your home is architecturally sound enough to handle an extra story, or perhaps an extra room or two, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stay and make the most of what you currently have and enjoy! A Wellington draftsman will be more than happy to visit and assess your property to prepare it for a beautiful extension or renovation. 

We’ll be able to work with and indeed improve your current Wellington house design, ensuring maximum usable space without sacrificing style or comfort. All it takes is a clever Wellington architectural designer to ensure you and your family have all the space you need to grow together.