As your family grows and the need for more space becomes dire, too many folks forsake their gorgeous family homes to search for an affordable property with more bedrooms and square footage. If your house has beautiful bones, you love the area and you’ve got a little extra land up your sleeve, the team at Moore Design can conjure up a creative solution. 

Let’s work with what you’ve got! 


Architectural Wellington house renovations 

If you’re looking to add to or redesign your floorplan but you have no idea where to start, simply start with us! It takes a savvy Wellington architect to look at an existing property and see its potential. Our ‘house vision’ goes beyond mere floors and walls; we observe the structure of the home, the opportunities for optimised layout design and the means by which we’ll work with you to make it all happen. 


The first step to more space 

This one’s simple: you call us, and we call in on you. We’ll pay your home a visit and assess the spacial situation. If your Wellington house design has room to grow, we’ll let you know the best way to go with that extension. 

It might be that the removal of a certain redundant wall will afford you a more expansive living room. Perhaps the addition of a bedroom to one wall or the next level of your existing home will solve the case of needed space. In most cases, a nice sweeping indoor/outdoor entertainment area does the trick for extending and indeed expanding the living space of the average family home. 

Whatever the case, you’ll end up with bigger, better and more efficient space in your Wellington house design. 


Your Wellington draughtsman has all the connections you’ll need to make it happen 

Our tenacious team of Wellington architects are well-connected and highly skilled at working through the rigorous paperwork required to achieve your renovations. DIY renovations usually take months and sometimes years longer than a professional Wellington architect’s renovation work might, simply because the average joe doesn’t know how to fly through the council regulations and the relevant paperwork as well as we do. 


If you want more space, a renovation or a stylish update do your home, and you want it done right, leave it to the expert Wellington architects at Moore Design. 

Also, be sure to check out this Facebook post to see a plan we recently put together for an open plan living room extension we’re working on for a client in Wellington!