Your kitchen is the heart and hub of your home. From your morning cuppa to your after school or work snacks, you and your family will use this space more than any other area in your home. If you’re looking into a kitchen renovation to maximise and modernise this space, our Wellington house alterations experts have a few hot tips for you to consider.

Kitchens are an investment

Any money and effort that you spend on your kitchen is universally considered to be an investment. You and your family will be able to enjoy and benefit from the upgraded kitchen in the present, and the modern, stylish kitchen will fetch a higher price on your home should you sell it in the future.

Because of this, it stands to reason that you’ll want to give your kitchen the best renovation possible – the better kitchen, the more enjoyment and money you’ll get out of it in the future.

To ensure your kitchen renovation is successful, we suggest entrusting the task to an expert Lower Hutt draughtsman (or Wellington draughtsman). DIY is all well and good, but to leave such a monumental task to an expert will ensure the project is carried out swiftly and up to standard.



Here are a few alterations you might like to consider for your kitchen’s potential Wellington house alteration:

An island adds space

Sure, a kitchen island might sacrifice a little floor space, but the storage and benchtop space it delivers makes up for it tenfold! It’s an excellent way to marry convenience with entertainment, as meals can be prepared, eaten and shared at this one stylish station.

A fresh benchtop

Nothing ages an entire home quite as unflatteringly as an old benchtop. It’s one of the first things a potential buyer will notice when they walk into your home. It’s best to go with a fresh, sophisticated, sturdy and timeless material for your bench. You don’t have to fork out thousands on high-end marble or granite. Sometimes it’s best to keep the kitchen bench simple and sleek: wood, white and neutral shades of brown or grey are universally appreciated and will suit anyone’s interior aesthetic — including your own!


We’ve got a few more tips to offer you on this subject, so be sure to tune in next month for a continuation of our Wellington house alterations series on kitchens!