This month’s article is a continuation of our previous blog where we discuss some stylish and functional updates you should consider for your Wellington kitchen renovations.

Level-up your storage 

The key to a functional kitchen with plenty of free space is to ‘build up’ rather than around. You’ll be surprised by how much floor space you can save in your Wellington house design if you simply opt to install your cupboards vertically. Vertical storage, or cupboards suspended above the kitchen, is a more sanitary option, too, as it keeps your food up and away from potential pests. 

If you’re interested in trying vertical kitchen storage for your Wellington house alterations or new build designs, let our talented architects at Moore know! 


A bright idea

Encourage your Wellington house designer to include ample opportunity for bright light in your kitchen layout – especially natural light! Wellington house plans that feature plenty of natural light are always appreciated by homeowners, and they’re a point of interest for potential buyers. 

Good lighting in your Wellington house designs not only lifts and brightens the mood of this central space, but also provides plenty of visibility for the detail-driven process that is food preparation. Ask your Wellington architect to include skylights and big sweeping kitchen windows into your kitchen design, and opt for a clean white theme to reflect some of that valuable light throughout the kitchen and dining room. 


Future-proofing your kitchen

Any extra money invested in the quality of your kitchen appliances is money that you’ll earn back in the long run, as most kitchen appliances feature mercifully long-running warranties. A quality range of appliances will ensure your kitchen runs smoothly for many years to come, and can actually add value to the home overall. If at all possible, try to match the materials of your appliances to create a cohesive aesthetic in your kitchen: white with white, stainless steel with stainless steel. 

Futureproofing your kitchen doesn’t stop at functionality: Wellington house alterations should be every bit as fashionable as they are functional, and that means investing time and consideration into your interior style! The general rule of thumb with kitchens is to stick to neutral colour themes. Think earthy tones or light, crisp colours that don’t distract too much from the rest of your living area. Having a vibrant all-yellow kitchen is all well and good until you see it after a day of heavy use, and suddenly that yellow looks awful amid the muck and dirty dishes. 

Try instead to opt for foolproof white or rustic coffee/brick shades, and add accent colours with paintings, fruit bowls and plants.