Wasted Space: how to design a home fit for the Wellington CBD

//Wasted Space: how to design a home fit for the Wellington CBD

Wasted Space: how to design a home fit for the Wellington CBD

This blog goes out to all the eager property owners looking to renovate in Wellington or draught a Wellington home from scratch in the CBD. By now you’ve probably got a few neat ideas for your property, and we can’t wait to help you start sketching those ideas into existence! However, before we dive into draughting homes in Wellington’s CBD, it should be noted that most homes located within and around the centre of town are most likely going to be sitting pretty snuggly – there isn’t a lot of land to go around in our town!

To make the most of whatever space you’re working with, take a look at our tips for avoiding wasted space when architecturally designing a home in Wellington…

Do away with your entranceway

If having an entranceway means creating an extra room, you’re actually better off joining it with a lounge, kitchen or living area. Entrance rooms are often so overrated! Statistically, it is the area of your home that you spend the least amount of time in. Families generally end up treating an entrance room as a shoe closet anyway.


We suggest doing away with this room entirely: combine the space with your living room and use furnishings or rugs to create a sense of separation between the entrance area and the rest of the living room. You could take a page from a Japanese architect’s book and install a small lowered area in which to enter the home and take off your shoes. Have a small step to mark the exact moment that you and your visitors officially enter the home, and presto! You’ve created a mock entranceway that’s practical and stylish!


Go up, not out with your kitchen

We know that kitchen islands look super trendy, but don’t be fooled when it comes to relying on them for their storage capabilities. Kitchen islands generally offer a little extra bench space, but tend to completely restrict movement in and out of the kitchen. They can be cumbersome,  downright space-eaters when more than one person is trying to squeeze into the kitchen to cook a meal.

Instead of planning to fill most of your kitchen’s floor space with a kitchen island, we suggest asking your Wellington architect to design a kitchen with an extra-high roof and an easily-accessed islandless kitchen. With the heightened roof, you can install plenty of cabinetry up and around your kitchen, making room for people to move freely through it on the floor level.


Want more helpful information and advice for maximising floor space in your Wellington house design? Contact the expert team of architects at Moore Architecture today!

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