Storage in your seating 

It’s an eating booth. It’s a window seat. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. 

It’s…actually secret storage! 

Tiny houses have been sneaking secret storage into their seating for years now. We think it’s a neat space-saving concept with an all-important dual purpose. You’ll be able to enjoy seating while having the added capacity for storage with this option. 

Whether we install storage-seating in a window nook or around the dining room table for a relaxed restaurant vibe, we think you’ll appreciate this stylish storage option. 


Storage on your ceiling 

Vertical storage isn’t a new concept, but it’ll never stop being the best way to kit out your home with loads of kitchen cupboards that don’t take up precious floor space. 

Vertical storage is an absolutely fantastic option for Wellington house renovations. Many older Wellington house designs feature high ceilings filled with empty, unused space – the perfect spot for some added cabinetry! A Wellington architect can assess your home’s kitchen and roof and create seamlessly, streamline designs for kitchen cupboards that both enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic and add to your storage space without encroaching on your usual living space. 

Goodbye walk-in-pantries, hello sleek eye-height cupboards. Now you can access those spices and sauces as you cook!


Storage under the stairs 

Any staircase in a home has the potential to exist as storage or wasted space. Unless you have Harry Potter living under there, there’s a good chance your stars could be transformed into a useful storage system. 

Be it a series of shoe-cubbies or a full jacket and boot cupboard, it won’t take long for a Wellington architect to assess your stairs and see how they might be better used as a stylish storage system.