The construction of a commercial building in Wellington starts with architecture and moves forward into a tangible monument to clever design and commerce. Designing a commercial building in Wellington means following strict steps that follow the building through from design to completion. In our last blog, we covered the early steps in which we (your Wellington architects) work together with you to bring your ideas, dreams and goals into reality, and then into an official measured draft.

In today’s blog, we’ll cover the next two (and potentially most exciting) phases in the commercial construction process for Wellington buildings.


Time to get real! In this phase of your Wellington commercial building project, your contractor (or project manager), will work through the construction and inspection process of your commercial building. During the construction process, you’ll need to mentally prepare for setbacks of any kind. Weather, natural disasters, budget constraints and on-site emergencies can all result in minor to major setbacks in your build, so try to stay calm and keep an open mind.¬†If you’d like to eliminate as many risks as possible for your build, trust the talented team of Wellington Architects to set you up with the right construction connections. Over our years working in the Wellington architectre industry, we’ve built an extensive network of talented individuals who can work in harmonious unity to translate your concept into a constructed marvel.

We’d also like our customers to rest assured that, should any complications of compliance occur during the construction phase, we are only a call away! A talented and experienced Wellington architect from the team at Moore Design and Draughting can visit your site to discuss any issues with your building team, it’s all part of the service! When you hire professionals, you get reliable and professional service. There are no ‘one size fits all’ construction cutouts: so leave this highly-specialised project to the professionals.


Eventually, the day will come when your Code Compliance Certificate will be issued and you’ll be invited to open your building officially for the first time. Congratulations to you, and welcome to your shiny new commercial building, ready to be filled with office furnishings, stores, cafes and the like!