Architecture isn’t always an indulgence. It’s actually built into our DNA to appreciate beauty. Elegant, robust and aesthetically pleasing examples of architecture have the potential to be beloved by generations. When it comes to designing your own home or commercial structure, we would implore you to consider the overall image carefully, as its construction could irk or inspire its viewers for now, and for many years to come.


Create a building that draws you in

Invest in your architecture. A beautiful building entices and invites us to explore inside. Do you want to come home to a ‘copied and pasted’ version of your neighbour’s home? Or would you rather enjoy the adventure you took when you worked with your Wellington architect to create a customised design that’s built for both beauty and functionality?


Practice appreciating architecture – take ‘architecture appreciation walks’

Try to practice being aware of how a particular example of architecture makes you feel. It might sound a little wishy-washy, but it’s the best way to ensure you’re going to get the most out of your own Wellington architecture when the time comes to conjure your personal design.

Consider going for a walk around a few neighbourhoods, both new and old. Appreciate the Wellington house designs with whatever means you like – your critique can be as simple as not liking a shape or colour, and as complex as being underwhelmed by the inefficiency of a design. Learn to lean on first impressions where possible: find the textures and materials that make you feel most cosy and at home, and consider these when discussing your Wellington house design with your architect.


No tall poppies here: just beautiful properties

Finally, don’t be ashamed of your desire for beauty and creativity in your architecture. Don’t let the tall poppy stigma rain on your Wellington architecture parade – investing in a beautifully-designed Wellington home will provide you with a satisfying sanctuary that’ll bring you, your children and perhaps even your children’s children endless years of joy. Should you ever wish to sell your home, just think of all the lovely things your estate agent will be able to write when preparing an article for your home’s advertisement!


The team at Moore Design and Draughting are proud to produce beautiful kiwi homes that delight the senses and entice the imagination. Let’s create works of art with your Wellington architecture! Get in touch and let’s get talking – your ideal Wellington house design is our delight and privilege to bring from paper to property.