For a warmer, healthier and drier home, you simply cannot go wrong with a Homestar Accredited Architectural Designer. Meeting this standard ensures that your Wellington architectural designer will design a home worthy of six stars or higher. How are these stars achieved and what do they mean for the insurance of quality in your home? In today’s article, we’ll run you through the key benefits of working with a Wellington draughtsman accredited to a Homestar standard of design. 


First off, what exactly is Homestar? 

Developed for Kiwi homes by the New Zealand Green Building Council, Homestar is a comprehensive rating standard that demands quality, comfort, safety and efficiency in any residential Wellington architecture project. The framework measures important elements, features and qualities such as a home’s capacity for electrical efficiency and warmth. 


How does the rating system work? 

While a typical building code ensures a sturdy set of walls and a roof, the Homestar standard centres around a home’s capacity for comfort, healthiness and warmth. Rated on a scale from 6 to 10, your home’s conditions will need to be of an impressively safe and healthy standard in order to be awarded an excellent Homestar rating, and who wouldn’t want such an impressive rating for their home? 


What are the main benefits for having a Homestar home, designed by a Wellington architectural Designer? 

Here are the most beneficial outcomes of working with a Homestar accredited architectural desiger for your next Wellington house design project: 

  • Even at its lowest rating of 6 on the Homestar scale, your Wellington house design will be at least 38% more energy efficient than a home designed by a non-accredited architectural designer. 
  • Generally, your home’s value can increase by at least 1.5% when you specify that it was designed by Homestar accredited Wellington draghtsmen 
  • Over seven years (the expected home ownership period), a 6-star Homestar home would expect to achieve annual savings on energy and water bills of $573-$729 per year.

And the benefits don’t stop there! We’re more than happy to discuss our team’s experience as Homestar-approved Wellington architectural designers. Get in touch to start discussing your safer, warmer and more healthy Wellington house design today!