They say you can’t beat Wellington on a good day, but we might go a step further and add this little tweak: you can’t beat Wellington on a good day, appreciated from the comfort sunny comfort of your own beautiful deck. That’s right, a deck, the perfect spot for basking in Wellington’s best ‘good days’ without having to trapse down to the overcrowded beaches or bustling town. 

You can sit back and relax, luxuriating in stunning sunshine with a crisp, cold drink in your hands, and your family sitting beside you soaking up some outdoor goodness. It really can’t be beat, so if you live in Wellington and you don’t already have a deck, we think you really ought to read on…  


The benefits of a deck (beyond a nice day outdoors) 

In addition to accommodating your home with excellent indoor/outdoor flow, a deck is a wonderfully marketable feature if you’re planning to sell your home. To ensure the absolute best price for your home, it pays to invest in the services of a Wellington draughtsman when it comes to all things deck design. Our Wellington architectural designers will expertly assess, draft and design a gorgeous deck to perfectly suit your home’s existing aesthetic. 

A deck can be enjoyed now while paying for itself later on in resale value. Everyone wins! 


Adding a deck retrospectively to your Wellington home 

Did you know that a Wellington architectural designer can help you create the perfect outdoor oasis, even if you don’t have a garden? From structurally complex suspended decks on multi-story houses to classic garden outdoor entertainment areas with kitchen appliances, there are no limits to the deck design your Wellington draughtsman can conjure! 

Simply contact our team of Wellington house designers to discuss your deck dreams, and we’ll get to work on this exciting addition in time for summer!