An open plan kitchen is an entertainer’s dream.

Perfect for house parties or casual catch ups with friends, a spacious, free-flowing kitchen is the perfect feature for the family that tends to get a lot of guests over the holidays. So, with summer on the horizon, we thought now would be the perfect time to pitch this idea to you….

Picture this 

You open the door of your home and welcome your best friend and their partner to step inside. Naturally, everyone shuffles into the kitchen, but you’re properly prepared for such an event as this. With a big, spacious and totally accessible architecturally designed kitchen, foot traffic seems to flow naturally. 

Your guests find themselves seated at a pair of breakfast barstools with their legs tucked comfortably under a sturdy, stylish kitchen island. On the other side of the island, in the heart of your kitchen, you open up your fridge and present your guests with a colourful array of drinks. As they help themselves to platters you’ve set out on your marble benchtop, you pour requested beverages into glasses like a proper bartender and serve everyone without a single interruption to your conversation. 

That, friends, is the magic of a kitchen designed (with you in mind) by a Wellington architectural designer. 

A proper thoroughfare for the family on the move

No fast-moving family ever appreciated a pokey, cordoned-off kitchen. As Wellington draughtsmen, we are in the business of providing modern families with kitchen designs that suit their busy lifestyles. We know that your Wellington house design really ought to feature a spacious, bright and beautifully organised kitchen, free of awkward angles or blockages where a fridge or cupboard door might stop someone from moving past you. 

With an architecturally designed kitchen, you can travel around the kitchen island without bumping a shin on a draw, shimmying around a bar stool or ducking to shield your head from a cupboard. Our talented team of Wellington draftsmen would be more than happy to design such a kitchen for you and your loved ones. With summer on the way, you’ll certainly want to get in contact today to secure your design in time for the holidays!