Believe it or not, the secrets to save money when working with a Wellington architect do not lie in cutting corners or minimising your design. At the end of the day, a budget-friendly experience with a Wellington draughtsman happens when you place proper importance on good, thorough communication. 

Let us elaborate in today’s article… 


Listen to your designer 

When working with a designer, your money isn’t covering a simple house sketch with some numbers written on it here and there. Any kid fresh out of architecture school can achieve that. With a professional Wellington architect, you’re paying for our years of experience and, subsequently, our expert advice. 

If you present us with a budget and follow it with a list of wants and needs that will completely exhaust that budget, we’re not going to sit idly by and watch your funds fall. We’ll be honest and understanding, and, most importantly, we’ll offer you advice. Expert Wellington architecture advice; the sort that comes with a slew of fantastic alternatives that you might end up liking more than your initial idea. 

In our introductory Wellington house design meeting, feel free to lay all your hopes and dreams out on the table. Give us an idealistic budget and go wild with brainstorming your dream home. Then, when everyone has an idea of what exactly you’re after, sit back, relax and let us restructure your dream home into a budget-friendly reality. You won’t have to dream about this house for much longer: you’ll soon be walking through it! 


Keep communication open

Once again, too many homeowners believe that their Wellington architecture experience starts and ends in our office, where we initially meet to draw up your dream home. Our services extend far beyond a simple planning session – we can be there with you every step of the way on the road to getting you through the front door and settled into your dream home. 

Included in the process is, of course, construction. The most expensive part of your building process, naturally. How do you cut costs on construction? You avoid hiking them up in the first place. 

You think about construction costs constantly. Before you even put pen to paper. You ask your architect dozens of questions – should we do this or this? Which method would be more affordable in terms of construction? Get cost estimates for every step of your project before the end of the sketch, so that, when the initial draught is complete, you’re ready and mentally prepared for the true cost of the build. Don’t forget to set aside emergency funds, and be prepared to revise your design at any stage of the construction process. 


Fortunately for you, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way!