See your 2019 dream home on screen: 3D Wellington draughting

//See your 2019 dream home on screen: 3D Wellington draughting

See your 2019 dream home on screen: 3D Wellington draughting

Sometimes a 2D sketch and a few descriptive terms from your architect just aren’t enough to give you a fully-realised vision of your Wellington house design. When this is the case, we offer an exciting and innovative new service called 3D house rendering.

3D Wellington house design is an exciting concept that brings a bounty of benefits to the table. Want to know why its best to see your home before you build it? Read on!


Show, don’t tell

They say that seeing is believing, and while your Wellington architect might be able to clearly comprehend their 2D draughts, we understand that you might need a more substantial view of your house-to-be. As you’ll be investing a lot of money into this space and eventually living in it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t aim to understand it as fully as you can before it gets built.

This is where 3D Wellington draughting comes in handy. You’ll have a fully-formed view of your home that you can virtually tour with the click of a mouse. Enjoy the experience and take some time to get a proper feel for the layout.


Spend now, save for later

Commissioning your Wellington architect to fashion you a 3D house design might cost money, but this price tag will be far less daunting than the costs of re-doing any aspects of your design when construction has already commensed. Investing in a 3D house gives you room for some much-needed trial and error. Certain concepts sound great in theory, but appear impractical in person. By rendering your dream home in 3D, you’ll be able to refine it until it fits your exact needs and desires. By the time you’re ready to hire a team of builders, you’ll be 100% confident in the overall vision of your dream home.

Our Wellington architects at Moore Design are ready to render your 3D dream home. Refine your vision and get the exact Wellington house design results that you want with the help of Moore Design.

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