Refining your Wellington floorplan

//Refining your Wellington floorplan

Refining your Wellington floorplan

Perfecting your floor plan is the key to a successful Wellington house design. When draughting your home in Lower Hutt or Wellington, the talented team of architects at Moore Architecture will work together with you on a plan fit for you or your family. To deliver reliable functionality and undeniable class for this and many years to come, a good floor plan should be carefully considered with all potential risks highlighted and avoided. Today’s article will perform as a warning of what not to do when designing Lower Hutt homes or draughting homes in the Greater Wellington Region.

Without further delay, here are our top two things to avoid when mapping out your dream floor plan…

Missing the mark: poorly-orientated homes

When designing and draughting Wellington houses, we encourage our clients to ‘follow the sun’ with their homes. No matter where your plot of land might fall, natural sun-given light is your greatest asset, so harnessing as much as physically possible is a sure way to both heat and brighten your home. If your home turns its back on the sunlight, you’re left with a dark, cold hovel of a place and nobody wants to spend a winter there!

To avoid awkwardly-orientated homes:

  • Spend time on your section and study when, where, and for how long the sun shines on your property
  • Position your floor plan so that the rooms that you spend the least amount of time in aren’t wasting precious sunlight, and the more populated places of day dwelling sit in as much direct sunlight as possible.


Forgetting furnishings: a miss-measured nightmare 

Everything looks bigger and better on paper, but it isn’t until you’re actually walking around the physical space of your home that you see you’ve shorted yourself out on some valuable floor space. Forgetting to measure a room in terms of furnishings and travel space is a common mistake in many Wellington architecture designs, but it’s one that can be easily avoided:

  • If you’re keeping your existing furnishings for the new home, be sure to measure everything and bring those measurements to your meeting with your Wellington architect
  • If you’re buying new furnishings, aim to visit a few shops and take a few measurements of potential pieces to get a rough idea of how much space we should be dedicating to your furnishings
  • Key furniture pieces to keep handy measurements for are couches, dining room tables, office desks and beds.


Don’t let designing your Wellington home and floor plan daunt you: the talented team at Moore Architecture are here to help you avoid mistakes. We’ll persevere with you until you’re 100% happy with a fashionable, well-fitted floor plan that works for you and your family.

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