Less mortgage, more retirement

The number one reason why folks look to downsize in their twilight years is financial freedom. Many come to terms with the fact that the large family home, while spacious and full of special memories, is unfortunately far too exhausting for any elderly person to upkeep. There are staircases to scale, awkward bathrooms to shuffle about in, tall nooks and crannies to clean, and lawns and gardens to maintain and mow. With the combined efforts of upkeep and financial responsibility, holding on to the big old home won’t set you up with as nice a retirement fun as, say, a beautiful, Wellington architecturally designed smaller home might. 

With less to clean, less power to expend and less (if any) mortgage to pay, you’ll be set up with some sweet savings to enjoy well into your twilight years! 


Less to maintain, more to enjoy 

A smaller, simpler home doesn’t have to lack in appeal. With the help of a talented Wellington architectural designer, you can have a dream home that won’t require hours of cleaning and gardening in order to stay attractive. Ask your Wellington draughtsman to establish a house design that takes your health and abilities in mind: if you don’t fancy scaling flights of stairs or plucking weeds from a complex tiered garden, simply say so. We take any and all requests and requirements in our stride when preparing your Wellington house design. 

You might like to talk to your Wellington draftsman about any of these accessibility features in your Wellington house design: 

  • An entry ramp 
  • Lowered shelves 
  • Spacious bathrooms with support bars 
  • Wide entranceways 
  • No stairs (single level home) 
  • Internal access between your garage and interior 
  • A sunroom for cooler days (so you can still get some sunshine without venturing out into the cold) 


Got any other ideas you’d like to run by our professional Wellington architectural designers? Feel free to drop us a line any time!