Planning a renovation in 2019? Read this first…

//Planning a renovation in 2019? Read this first…

Planning a renovation in 2019? Read this first…

Will the New Year bring new additions to your home? Whether you’re expanding for your growing family or you simply fancy some stylish architectural changes, renovation is a cost-effective way to transform your home. Rather than buying and building from scratch, why not let a savvy Wellington architect see the existing potential for pretty and practical renovations in your home?

In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through the renovation process so that you’re ready to tackle that reno in 2019!


Start with a discussion

Renovation might be less expensive than a new build, but you’ll find the amount of work involved to be equal in time and complexity to that of a new Wellington house design. Take a moment to sit down with your other half and discuss a few of the following points you’ll need to factor in before greenlighting your renovation:



Will you be staying in your home during the renovation period? It might be wise to stay elsewhere during the following steps in the project:

  • Demolition
  • Use of loud power tools
  • Paint (application and drying, especially if you have small children or pets)
  • Access (as you come and go, will your family vehicles block access to your tradesmen?)


The future of your family

Families are an unpredictable thing: you never know the rate by which you’ll grow! Consider a few of the following when putting a reno-wish list together for your current home:


  • Children’s rooms (while the little ones might be content to share, you’ll need to shift them into their own separate spaces as they get older – high school students will need space and privacy to study)
  • A guest suite (including a separate bathroom, to offer maximum comfort and convenience to family members and friends who stop over on the regular)
  • Separate bathrooms and toilets (so nobody has to knock on the bathroom door to use the toilet while you’re showering)
  • An outdoor entertainment area
  • An open plan living room


For any of the above changes or additions, be sure to leave the assessment and design work to a professional Wellington architect! Our team of expert Wellington draughtsmen will be able to assist you with your renovation project, ensuring a smooth job from concept to completion.


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