Get ready for guests (and be ready at all times)

Wellington house plans that combine the kitchen and living room are an absolute delight for entertaining guests. You’ll enjoy being able to continue a conversation between the couch and kitchen – continue preparing food and drinks while still feeling included in the goings on and entertainment. Guests will feel relaxed, welcome and at home in the bright, open space.

All is well in the world of open plan living. That is until any part of the space happens to be messy.

Petty as it may sound, mess in just one square foot of your open plan living space can be an obnoxious distraction while welcoming guests through the area. If your Wellington draftsman has provided you with an open plan living space, you won’t have any convenient walls and doors behind which to hide pockets of mess (such as pet feeding areas and children’s toys etc). You’ll coexist in the space with dirty dishes and rows of your guest’s shoes while sitting around the sofa watching movies or conversing.

Wellington house alterations needn’t be so ‘on display’, however. Simply request that your talented Wellington draftsman angle your kitchen and living room in such a way that enough visual separation is provided between the spaces to afford your dirty dishes some privacy during movie time!

And speaking of your open plan kitchen design…


Less cooking, more bar-tending?

In an open plan living space, the kitchen will more often than not take the form of a bar, complete with an island and stools at which to ‘pull up a chair and place your order’. It’s hard to close off and create a classic cook’s kitchen in an open plan design: your Wellington architectural designer will need to open up the space as much as possible to provide flow between each area and the room as a whole.

Prepare for your bench to become a landing pad for keys, wallets, phones, school books, rubbish and shopping bags – if you’re passing through an open plan living space, this surface is the most obvious and popular choice for quickly setting down whatever is in your hand at the time! Again, if such a situation sounds offputting, we’re sure that the talented Lower Hutt architectural designers at Moore Design will be able to sort out a solution. Our Wellington architectural designers are excellent problem solvers, and we’ll find a way to provide ample storage, space, nooks and crannies for you and your family to use (instead of the kitchen bench).