Are you currently considering a conversion to the open plan lifestyle? If you’re coming from a home with tight hallways and closed-off compartmentalised rooms, the concept of open plan living tends to attract. While the open plan arrangement looks truly gorgeous in lifestyle magazines and home entertaining situations, it might not function in such a satisfactory manner for you and your family.

Before you ask your Wellington architectural designer to concoct your dreamy, free-flowing open plan home, be sure to give this blog a read; consider the following points carefully before you commit.


A symphony of distracting smells and sounds

If you’ve never had to tell someone to pause their music, movie or show while you use a kitchen appliance, you’ve never experienced open plan living. In an open plan living situation, your kitchen and living room share the same airspace. That means that if both rooms are in use, sounds are going to regularly build to a stressful crescendo. Want to boil the jug during an important news announcement? You’ll probably bother your partner! Want to blend your morning smoothie while a guest sleeps peacefully on the couch? Better wait until they’re awake before starting their day with a scare!

Smells will battle for airspace in an open plan living situation, too. Cooking a spice-laden curry or frying up something oily and strong will permeate the air with a pungent odour. If you’re in the kitchen, these scents are to be expected. If you’re in the lounge trying to enjoy a cup of tea and a book, or perhaps you’re vegetarian and the smell of cooking meat disturbs you, then open plan living is going to prove to be more problematic than it’s worth.

If you’re comfortable with your open plan Wellington house design sharing this space, go ahead and ask your Wellington architectural designer to freely weave those rooms together! If the thought of such a communal and compromising arrangement alarms you, our team of professional Wellington draughtsmen will be able to produce a solution that’ll suit your floorplan preferences perfectly.


This concludes Part 1 of our open plan lifestyle exploration. Be sure to check out next month’s article for a few more tips and considerations to take on board when weighing up the pros and cons of an open plan lifestyle!