Stand along any square inch of Wellington’s waterfront and take in the view of the city around you. What do you see? Hills. Kilometers and kilometers of them! We love our cool little capital city, but its abnormally hilly terrain makes it an awkward place for securing level plots of land. Because most of the flatter sections have already been snapped up within close proximity to the CBD, you’ll most likely find yourself sitting on a sloping property and looking tentatively for a Wellington architect who can help you develop it into a sturdy, attractive house.

Cue the professional Wellington architects at Moore Design and Draughting. Whether you’re designing a house in Wellington or designing a house in Lower Hutt, our architects are always up for a challenging property – no matter the angle of incline! Here are the tips we’ll implement when it comes to designing Wellington homes on hilly terrain…

Work with the hills, not on the hills

In addition to being a hilly and windy city, Wellington’s naturally-occurring challenges tend to take the form of earthquakes, too. While we don’t like to consider earthquakes when designing Wellington houses, they are nevertheless important and worth preparing for in your architectural designs. A skilled Wellington draughtsman will be able to achieve a home for you that works with the land it is placed on, securing it deep into the hill to allow for a sturdy earthquake-proof position. A Wellington or Lower Hutt draughtsman at Moore Design and Draughting will aim to avoid making the mistake of having the property perched on stilts. While it might be pricier to dig away at the hill in short term considerations, the security of your homes future is well worth the temporary ‘splurge’ and avoidance of costly repairs in the future.

Don’t stick out like a sore thumb

We’ve all seen those cute, quirky and classic Wellingtonian homes perched atop hills with circle windows, strange silhouettes and obnoxious colour palettes. While each of these homes has its place in our capital’s charismatic skyline, we have to say that those homes have had their day. Gone are the days where a home could simply be ‘stilted’ into existence atop a severely sloping hillside. These days we try to be a bit more clever in our marrying of home and land, using nature as our guide and inspiration for every smoothly-arranged inch of your home. A clever Wellington architect will weave your house along the hill, cascading it like an elegant glacier rather than a colourful abomination on thin wooden stilts.

It might mean that your home could end up with more levels than you’d otherwise anticipated, but a few trips up-and-down the stairs will be worth it to be welcomed home each day to the gorgeously-flowing silhouette of a home that has been well-worked into your land.