Out with the old: goodbye industrial hello natural

//Out with the old: goodbye industrial hello natural

Out with the old: goodbye industrial hello natural


Feel like you just can’t keep up with all those architectural trends while designing your home in Wellington? Your architect experts at Moore Architecture read you loud and clear! We’re seeing a huge shift in architectural aesthetic in New Zealand as homeowners opt for a new style that isn’t really new at all. Confused? Let us explain, starting with where we’ve come from, and finishing with where we are headed…


Industrial Design in Architecture

Industrial design in any form, be it architectural, interior or otherwise, is a celebration of the engineering and industry that produces our buildings and cities. Think factories, shipping containers, sheds and even just a pinch of Steam Punk. Industrial design-inspired Wellington architecture is easy enough to spot, both in commercial building designs and residential house designs. A few common features you’ll notice in industrial architecture design are:

  • exposed beams
  • unfinished walls
  • exposed brickwork
  • lots of empty ‘minimalist’ space
  • high ceilings
  • concrete concrete concrete
  • chrome, metal textures (especially pipework)

Industrial design has had its time. It brought a fresh, ‘New York Loft’ edginess to architecture for a while, but for kiwis, it can actually be quite a costly and inefficient trend to keep up with. Getting your hands on that edgy matte black pipework or trying to find an architectural balance between those hipster-esque red bricks and your other building materials can be a whole lot of unnecessary drama.

We’ve got good news for anyone designing a home in Wellington this year and next year: times are a-changing!


Natural, earthy materials

This year has seen industrial architecture turfed in favour of more natural materials and colours. Wellington architects are working with their clients on homes forged from earthen features such as timber, rammed earth and rugged, unpolished concrete. Paint and stains for this more natural aesthetic evoke colours we see in our natural New Zealand environment: mossy greens, hazy sky-blues and sandy Beachwood browns.

Natural materials have always proven to be a timelessly stylish choice, as Wellington architecture materials such as timber tend to weather beautifully with time, bringing a warmth and ruggedness to kiwi homes.

Keen to try natural design when designing your Wellington dream home or commercial building? Take note of these naturally-inspired features:

  • Wood
  • Stone, granite, marble and unpolished tile
  • Natural paint shades derived from landscapes: forests, beaches and mountain-scapes
  • Weather-wearable materials that suit a bit of rust and discolouration with time


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