Globally, last year we spent a lot of time in our homes. Unfortunately for a lot of the world that will remain the case for 2021 too. Here in New Zealand though, we have the luxury to get out and about in our beautiful country thanks to the low levels of Coronavirus. But, all the time spent indoors last year may have got you thinking about the design of your own home. So if you’ve come out of lockdown and you have a new year resolution to get rid of the old and bring in the new, then the team at Moore Design has a few ideas for you to ponder upon. 

Firstly let’s talk about the spaces that hardly anyone ever uses now. It’s the formal dining or sitting room. It seems as though many homeowners have converted their formal dining rooms into other functional rooms. If you are yet to do this or have a space in your home that is underutilised, flip it. Turning rooms into functional spaces is not only a great way to increase the value of your property but, results in greater comfort and functionality. Depending on your family’s needs you could turn your under utilised room into a home cinema, a games room, or even a home library/study. What about a yoga or pilates studio in the basement of your home? There are countless options to choose from, just ask yourself what your family needs are and then get in touch with our Wellington house designers and draughtsmen to start planning.

Lockdown was a testing time for a lot of us. But, for those who have snug kitchens well, that’s another story. Chances are you would have encountered at least one war in the kitchen. If you have a snug kitchen and are looking at renovating now is the best time. Summer is the best time for kitchen renovations as you experience fewer weather delays. Days are longer and with fine weather, you can rely on preparing meals outside too. 

Kitchen renovations typically mean that other rooms will need to relinquish square-footage to accommodate a kitchen expansion. Your Wellington architectural designer will ensure your floorplan maintains form and functionality despite the change. Should your garden allow it, we could knock down a wall and design a space that extends outward while maintaining the beautiful shape and material of your roof and walls. In some cases, and depending on your home’s plumbing design, we might be able to swap rooms in your home to accommodate kitchen extension. The possibilities are endless and what may seem impossible to you is not impossible for our Wellington house designers and draughtsmen. 

Get in touch today to discuss your home renovations plans, we’d love to help you get the ball rolling.