1. Initial Consultation

We want to hear your hopes and aspirations for your project and will work with you to understand your goals, timeline and budget. These factors, along with your likes and dislikes, is what ultimately shapes our design decisions. We’ll work with you to define what you want in your new home and help you reach your design goal.

2. Pre Design & Analysis

This is where we gather key information about the site and any structures that could be affected during the design stage. This may include locating existing plans, survey plans, certificates of titles, gathering geotechnical reports, council and district plan requirements. We may engage with other professionals and the Council to gain a full understanding of the requirements for your design.

3. Concept Design

This phase brings together the initial design brief and all the relevant information to creatively present an original, bespoke concept. With the aid of 3D images, plans and layouts, we’ll give you a clear visual depiction of the concept. Showcasing your vision and our vision for the project, this is where your project comes to life. The concept design will be provided for review and discussion.

4. Developed Design

Based on the feedback and decisions at concept design we’ll then take the project to the next stage, developed design. At this stage we can deliver updated 3D images, plans and outline specifications that will elevate the proposed design to an extremely high standard while incorporating any small changes you require. At the end of this stage most of the design decisions have been made.

5. Quantity Surveyor & Building Estimates

Based on the developed design a quantity surveyor or recommended contractor is engaged to obtain estimates based on the proposal. This information will determine whether to proceed as current or make further changes if required.

6. Resource Consent

If required, we can source quotes from recommended engineers for additional work and produce the plans needed for engineers and/or resource consent. We’ll provide copies of these plans, forms and reports for you to take to all affected parties to obtain signatures. Once you’ve collected all the signatures we’ll submit the application to the council and provide any additional information they may request.

7. Building Consent

With the incorporation of information from all other consultants into the design, we produce documents meeting all current NZBC codes and regulations. Providing a full complete set of building plans, details, calculations, specifications and all relevant product information form submission to the Council.

8. Working With Council

We‘ll be the initial point of contact with the Council for any queries they may have. We will respond to any requests for additional information and work with the council to obtain the consent approval on your behalf.

9. Construction Observation

We can provide construction observation services for your project during the construction phase to ensure the quality of the build meets the documentation and specification required to satisfy your expectations. This will involve site meetings, providing instructions to the builder on your behalf, administering the contract and process payment schedules and ensuring any defects are corrected.