New place: more space (up-sizing your house design)

//New place: more space (up-sizing your house design)

New place: more space (up-sizing your house design)


Wellington architects are most commonly approached for bigger, better family home designs. Whether folk are looking to add extensions to their existing property or start quite literally from the ground up, the main goal we’re aiming to achieve is space space space.

As families grow both in numbers and age, more rooms and altogether more shared space is required for a comfortable family home. Here are the items that your Wellington architect will most often see on the wish lists of our upsizing clients…


Open Plan Living Space

There’s a lot to be said for the ability to monitor the goings on of your family from behind your kitchen counter. If you can see from the living room and all the way to the far corners of your garden while pouring hot water into your teacup, you know your Wellington house design is a success. Sweeping views and open plan space does not simply occur by accident, however. It is the carefully considered work of a seasoned Wellington draughtsman that brings such convenience into existence.

Is a flowing family room that connects effortlessly with your dining and kitchen is on the menu for your dream home?



More bedrooms

Anyone who’s ever had to share a room with their siblings can sympathise that this is indeed a priority for their improved family home. Asking your Wellington draughtsman to add more bedrooms for the sake of peace and privacy is not only beneficial for your family, it’s beneficial for your finances! In the future, if you ever intend to sell your family home (once the baby birds have flown the nest) you’ll have a lot of interested parties if the house comes with plentiful bedrooms. Such a design is perfect for rental properties who hope to house a collection of young working professionals (the likes of which usually pay quite well).


By adding either of the above features to your Wellington house design, you’ll not only ensure a more comfortable lifestyle for your family, you’ll also invest in a property that’ll potentially fetch a pretty price should it ever go to market. For the most intelligent, functional and altogether stylish family home layouts, seek out the professionals at Moore Architecture.

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