For the talented architects at Moore Design, Wellington house design is just one of many fabulous services we can provide when renovating or developing your modern property. Did you know that our services extend to your Wellington landscape design too? Whether your garden exists within a petit square metre or traverses the better part of a hillside, we’ll help you maximise on this outdoor space with some clever Wellington architecture work. 


Creating a functional space for the modern family 

Not all outdoor entertainment areas are designed with parties and play in mind. For some homeowners, an efficient cooking and veggie-growing area or a serene shaded outdoor reading nook are more likely to be featured in your exterior design. Your unique needs will be heard, developed and refined in your Wellington house design, as our architects ensure your outdoor entertainment area fits your needs. 

It’s not just about having a pretty deck area with aesthetically matching materials to your main home: it’s about designing a deck that functions in accordance with your lifestyle. An outdoor area that works as an extension of your home in a manner that only you can imagine while we make that idea happen! Get creative with your Wellington architectural design needs: we’re always up for a challenge! 


Protecting your privacy while you enjoy your slice of the outdoors 

What point is there in a perfect outdoor entertainment area if it only works as a stage from which your neighbours can watch you and your guests ‘perform’ for them? There’s no fun in playing the part for your nosey neighbours while you’re trying to put on a cosy barbecue or enjoy a casual pool party. Nobody wants their spa experience to be on display. For this element of outdoor entertainment area design, we urge you to seek the talents of a Wellington architect. Our Wellington draughtsmen will be able to compose a space that’s pleasing to the eye while retaining your privacy. We understand your property perfect, with eyes trained for spotting sightlines and anticipating maximum opportunity for views. 


You’re in good hands when you leave your landscaping design to the talented Wellington draftsmen at Moore Design!