The iconic architectural trend of industrial-inspired design is here to stay. A beautiful balance of functionality and fashion (with just a pinch of rusticism), you’ll still find the signs of industrial design looming in many modern Wellington architectural projects.

Not that we’re complaining – we love a touch of hearty industrial elegance here at Moore Design. If you’re not familiar with all things industrial chic, here’s your cheat sheet for this awesome example of architectural design…


Industrial design defined for the modern kiwi homeowner

Simply put, industrial design celebrates the rough, structural elements of construction and puts them proudly on display. Why hide the exciting shapes and textures that your Wellington architect has fashioned for your home when you can decorate with them?

Check out a few examples of fashionable and functional industrial design features in our previous projects:

Textures of metal, wood, stone, concrete and brick are juxtaposed beautifully against chic sheets of glass and soft, simple colour pallets to form the ultimate modern industrial interior or exterior. That’s right – you’ll find rough elements like concrete and brick on display inside your home when it comes to industrial design. We proudly feature these elements as part of the overall aesthetic, giving you those lofty levels flooded with light, framed by bricks and separated by big, beautiful metal beams. There’s so much potential for cool composition with industrial design, and with the help of a talented Wellington house designer, you’ll find the perfect industrial-inspired fit of functionality and fashion for your dream home.


Why we like industrial-inspired design

The industrial aesthetic leaves little to the imagination. It’s a beautiful raw form of architecture that makes a profound impression instantly and authentically. Industrial design says ‘Here I am! Get a good look at me!’ without being too flashy or obtrusive on the eyes. An industrial interior or exterior convey elements of construction in a harmonious manner that still manages to maintain a feeling of comfort and convenience. We think you should absolutely consider industrial design in your Wellington house design. So, don’t be shy! Be sure to ask your Wellington draughtsman to create an industrial-themed modern marvel for your house design in Wellington.