How to imbue Wellington architecture with personality

//How to imbue Wellington architecture with personality

How to imbue Wellington architecture with personality

For any space to completely suit you, it needs to be constructed of you. Which is to say, your personality and lifestyle should play a key part in the Wellington house designing process – in order to achieve a house that you can truly call home. For anyone who intends to invest in their first Wellington house design, we understand that the initial hunt for inspiration can be challenging and oftentimes overwhelming.

While current trends practical features such as storage, more rooms for more children, or garages are to be considered, we’d like to encourage you to include your own sweet self in your Wellington architectural design.

Here’s how…

Making a Wellington house design a home

To create a space that welcomes and comforts you, you must consider your lifestyle and behavior. If you struggle to pinpoint exactly how you’d like to reflect your lifestyle in your Wellington house design, simply consider what your perfect weekend at home would look like. Describe your dining and downtime as best you can to your Wellington draughtsman, and let’s work from there to craft a home that can cater to this concept.

If you’re an extrovert who embraces the idea of hosting family and friends every other weekend, you’ll want to consider entertaining and spaciousness when you talk with your Wellington draughtsman.

For a more introverted homeowner to be, you could request private, peaceful nooks and crannies in which to retreat and relax when you meet with your Wellington architect.



Personal touches in your Wellington architecture

Some Wellington architecture is so successful in reflecting an individual’s personality that we probably couldn’t picture the home without them in it. Houses work best when they serve as more than just a roof and four walls – their potential for personal touches and character is infinite.

Let your own character shine in your house design when you meet with your Wellington architect to create the space. Let your bold and outgoing personality be reflected in the proud facade of a Wellington home. Let your welcoming spirit and love of family influence the cosy kitchen and dining area and the warm, textured materials you plan to use in this space.


Don’t be afraid to make your Wellington house design personal – after all, the whole concept of commissioning a home to be designed from scratch by a Wellington draughtsman is based upon customisation. Have fun with your Wellington draughting, and good luck!

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