Last week we gave you four home renovation tips to keep in mind when renovating your Wellington home. We’re back now to give you the last four tips that will get you prepared for your Kiwi reno summer. Let’s kick it off with… budgets. 

5: Setting budgets

Budgets can be daunting, and unless you have an endless stream of cash to spend on your project, it can be challenging to manage. Our Wellington house designers and draughtsmen follow a simple approach to budgets. 

Set your budget based on two factors. One, the room you are renovating, and two, the overall value of the home you are renovating. 

You want to invest in a renovation, that will add value to your home, but not increase it so much that it does not fit in with the value of your neighborhood. Finding that balance is crucial. 


6: Consider lighting 

Lighting is one of the most important design factors that is often forgotten about. Think about the way lighting will play a role in your room. For example, bathrooms need both natural lighting as well as feature lighting. Consider natural lighting first. Where does the sun hit? Are there any windows? Can you add windows or skylights to brighten up an otherwise small dark room? 


7: Avoid cheap materials.

As mentioned, sticking to a reno budget can be challenging. Often the default most people take is opting for cheap materials. Cheap materials usually don’t last, are difficult to work with, and can potentially affect your family’s health. Trust your Wellington house designers and builders. They will ensure that your building materials are up to New Zealand standards and, that they are safe to use for your family. 


8: Keep it simple 

Home renovations don’t have to be complicated. A splash of colour, a few cushions or a clever piece of furniture can make a world’s difference. Sometimes, simple renovations with more attention to styling and decorating can actually elevate your space more than fancy over-budget alterations. 


If you would like to discuss home renovation options for your next renovation project, please use the ‘get in touch’ form on our website. We will contact you at a time that suits you, to discuss your project.