Inspired by life-hack YouTube videos and the Tiny House Movement, homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in custom storage solutions for their Wellington house designs. With hundreds of cool configurations available for fitting extra storage into your abode, we thought we’d take a moment to talk you through our process for designing your Wellington house renovations, particularly in the storage department. 


Trusting a Wellington architectural designer with your storage solutions 

With so much potential for mismatched measurements and risky electrical connections, it always pays to leave Wellington renovation designs to the experts. In addition to designing sleek, sophisticated and ultimately smart storage solutions, our team of Wellington draughtsman are well-connected to all manner of construction, electrical and plumbing tradespeople. Combined with our clever storage designs, our network of trustworthy contacts will ensure you get the extra cupboard, drawers and closets your home needs while maintaining a beautiful, accessible interior. 


Our process

We start by touring through your home and absorbing the space. We’ll ask you where you’d like to focus the storage, and how you like to use the space surrounding it. The last thing we want for you or your family is a collection of cupboards with doors that are likely to knock the tops of heads or bruise shins! With an understanding of your existing space, we’ll easily be able to design a series of storage solutions to suit your individual lifestyle effectively. 


The benefits of leaving it to our team of Wellington architectural design experts 

  • You’ll get exact measurements tailored to suit your lifestyle (no doors opening in strange ways, no tripping or knocking your knees into corners, no structural instabilities) 
  • You’ll be able to take advantage of our excellent and trustworthy array of contacts in the renovation industry 
  • You’ll get exactly what you want, exactly where you want it
  • You’ll be offered new, creative and totally unique ideas from experts in the industry, so you’ll actually get a better outcome than anything you see on TV or Pinterest.