Downsizing your Wellington home: you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

//Downsizing your Wellington home: you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

Downsizing your Wellington home: you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

Believe it or not, many Wellingtonians have traded in their vast family homes for something a little cosier. When the baby birds have flown and children’s rooms are vacated, a smaller living space is a practical and ultimately more fun option for many Wellington homeowners – now, you can have your home exactly as you like it without having to prioritise features such as space and child safety!

It’s a more common exchange than you might expect, as we usually only consider commissioning Wellington draughtsman for upsizing or adding more rooms to a property. In the case of downsizing, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. Let’s look at a few of our favourites…


You know what you want

After years of making do with what you could get, there’s a good chance you’ll know exactly what you want. Clients with a clear vision of their perfect home are beloved by Wellington architects. It’s our pleasure to produce a Wellington house design that meets your expectations! With a clear vision of the materials you want to use and the space you’d like to see, you can work together with the skilled team of Wellington draughtsman at Moore Architecture to bring those floorplans into fruition!  


Get fancy

Without having to sacrifice the bulk of your budget on space for extra family members, a smaller home can focus those funds on style and comfort. In designing your small home to suit your specific tastes, you don’t need to focus funds on maximising meterage. Instead, you can enjoy leisurely browses through your favourite architecture inspiration magazines – allow yourself the pleasant indulgence of a home crafted by Wellington architects that sits as a materialisation of your most favourite building materials.

You might even like to have your Wellington draughtsman design beautiful landscaping to surround and compliment your ‘dream home’. The possibilities are endless and exciting when planning a Wellington house design to suit your personal style.


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Less is less…less fuss, that is!

Nobody likes vacuuming their large family home. Getting into all those obnoxious bedrooms, down those endless hallways, and across the vastness of your living rooms is a hassle that you won’t need to deal with when you downsize your Wellington house design.

With less house comes less responsibility, especially if you don’t have to fuss about childproofing anything! Enjoy a minimalist approach to maintenance – you might even like to invest in solar energy for your downsized Wellington house design; trade less rooms for a pricier energy option upfront, but save in the long run on the cost of power!

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