The concept of minimalism isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. In fact, a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle is encouraged. If you have the option of designing a fresh new home, consider doing so on a smaller scale. Bigger doesn’t always equal better, and a smaller home presents your Wellington architect with a range of exciting challenges to ensure you have intelligent storage solutions and meaningful spacial designs. 

Let’s discuss downsizing in today’s Wellington architectural design blog…

Downsize to save on power 

The first and most effective lifestyle change you’ll notice with smaller homes is smaller power bills, naturally. With less space to heat or cool, and potentially even more concentrated and balanced insulation, your air conditioning or heating unit won’t need to work as hard. With less power being used, your power bills will shrink phenomenally. Having fewer bathrooms and bedrooms in use will further the deductions in your power bill. You can invest those future savings further by asking your Wellington draughtsman to suggest a range of economic and environmentally friendly appliances. 

Likewise, you’ll have more free time on your hands when you have fewer nooks and crannies to clean. You won’t have to head up and downstairs with the vacuum cleaner, or scrub three separate bathrooms. The smaller the home, the more free time you achieve. 


Less space more style 

As the majority of your budget isn’t being driven into maximising square meterage, you’ll be freer to go a little nuts on fancier materials. Without the restrictive hassle of finding cheap enough materials from which to create a bigger family home, you’ll be free to invest in elements that really matter to you. If you’ve always wanted a luxurious marble benchtop, for example, now might be your chance. Enjoy the marble in one concentrated area of the kitchen, rather than trying to afford stretching it across a large bench space. 

Ask your Wellington draughtsman to offer inspiration on stylish elements you can try in your newer, more compact home. Don’t be afraid to explore exciting shapes, sweeping windows and luxurious finishings to ensure you’re getting the most value from your new Wellington house design.