With DIY culture being so prevalent in New Zealand and shows such as The Block gaining so much popularity, it’s no wonder people think they can just whip up a home on their own. While you might be able to pull off the painting, tiling and curtain installation, there are some aspects of Wellington house renovation and design that are better left to the experts. 

Here’s why… 

Call us the official space savers 

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no property obscure enough. Architects have the valuable ability to view a plot of land and envision the volume of house it might support. A Talented Wellington architect will achieve the maximum square meterage that your property can produce while maintaining an attractive interior/exterior appearance. 

This is a task easier envisioned than engaged, so be sure to leave it to our Wellington draughting experts if you want to ensure more house-per-property. 


Future-proof style 

Magazines and Pinterest boards are brilliant wells from which to draw inspiration, but for a home that stands stylishly against the test of time, leave the design to an architect. We won’t devalue your property with transient trends. Instead, we’ll draw upon our accumulation of valuable architectural experience to produce a design that will impress now, five years into the future, and fifty years beyond that! Your style choices should be elegant and timeless to ensure your property retains its value and attractiveness for years to come. For a truly future-proof property, you need only leave the design to a talented Wellington draughtsman. 


Making the right connections 

While the cost of a talented Wellington architect might be steeper than ‘your mate down the road who took an architecture course that one time’, you’ll see the financial benefits of this choice in the long run. Consider our draughting services an investment! 

In addition to our outstanding architecture, we’ll keep you connected with all our ‘expert friends’ for the duration of your property build. Make the most of our fabulous network of top-quality builders, electricians and plumbers. Enjoy the benefits of being afforded great deals and mates rates simply because you chose to go with Moore. 


Moore Design offers so much more than just a simple Wellington house design. When you seek our services to design your Wellington home, you’ll find a value that you didn’t know you could achieve from one single home, and we look forward to achieving that endless value for you and your family.