Designing on a budget: where to begin

//Designing on a budget: where to begin

Designing on a budget: where to begin

Finding that all-important balance between budget and personal taste can be challenging for homeowner hopefuls. With the right connections and an experienced Wellington architect, that balancing act can go from drama to dream home in a snap – it takes a few meetings and some careful planning but we’ll do our best to make your architectural dreams a reality.

If you’re planning a home on a budget, we recommend the following process…


Make a checklist and then keep refining it

For your dream Wellington house design, you’ll need to start with a wishlist: a collection of things that your home absolutely must have, and maybe a few ‘would be nice’ items that your savvy Wellington architect might be able to include in the final design for you (budget dependant of course).

To put your wishlist together try to stay as realistic as you possibly can to your budget and your location. Rather than focussing on carefully curated photos online or in magazines, try to seek out open homes in the area you plan to live and tour them with a critical eye. Carefully note the features that you’d like to incorporate into your own home.

Note key aspects such as:

  • How you travel around the home (indoor-outdoor flow, open plan living and bedroom location)
  • The outdoor entertainment area (if applicable)
  • Lighting (note whether or not the rooms bright and open with plenty of views, or closed and confined with tiny windows)
  • Design features such as colours, materials, roof angles and overall shapes.

Once you’ve been to enough open homes, you’ll soon develop a list of features your dream home simply won’t do without. Bring that list to your Wellington draughtsman and we’ll take the project from there!


Designing with the future in mind

When you’re designing to a tight budget, we understand that you might not wish to take on the full-sized version of your dream home – at least not for a few years. Buy yourself time to save and prepare by asking your Wellington architect to design you a home that can be easily extended. An extendable home might have extra-strong foundations for a future second story, or it might have walls that are built with future added bedrooms or extended living rooms in mind.

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