Designing a home for future generations to enjoy

//Designing a home for future generations to enjoy

Designing a home for future generations to enjoy

Could there be anything more romantic than envisioning your children and grandchildren growing up in and enjoying your family home as much as you have? Designing a multi-generational home to suit any and all future family members is completely achievable, but there are going to be do’s and don’ts that you’ll want to familiarise yourself with before diving in to this heartfelt Wellington house design.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most important ones, shall we?

Do employ a talented Wellington architect

Your Wellington or Lower Hutt architect of choice will be a worthy investment when designing a home to suit you and your future generations. An architect’s experience is valuable when designing homes that achieve universal appeal and the structural potential for expansion.

Pop the following points on your checklist when you attend your first Wellington house design meeting:

  • A strong foundation (so future generations can build a second story if they so desire)
  • Light-conscious design (to avoid loss of sun thanks to growing trees or other houses being built up in the area)
  • An outdoor entertainment area with room for future elements such as playgrounds, pools and BBQ’s
  • Plenty of space for furnishings (and family photos)!



Don’t follow current trends

While minimalism, rose gold and bold banana leaf patterns might be all the rage in 2018, they might become about as cheesy as 80’s pastels in 2040! Avoid making more work for future generations and don’t be swept up in the trends of today. You can’t go wrong with well-made, functional Wellington house design. A home that has been created with a busy family in mind is destined for years of happy use.

Instead of focussing your inspiration and energy on getting the colour scheme ‘just right’, you’ll need to work with your Wellington architect to turn out a home that’s packed with clever storage and plenty of ‘flow’. Focus on how you’ll travel through the space, especially. Make that entranceway as welcoming as possible, and arrange for cosy corners that you, your children, and their children can dress in their own unique styles.


Do default to wood

When in doubt, default to wood. Invest time and money into researching what wood will give you the most longevity while still appearing attractive and versatile in terms of furniture matching. You really can’t go wrong with a slightly vintage-inspired home with finishings of white and wood.


Don’t forget to contact the team at Moore Design and Draughting!

Our busy season (Summer – Autumn) is upon us! Be sure to get in touch while the weather is fine to start dreaming up your ultimate, multi-generational Wellington house design.

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