Having secured that perfect slice of CBD property, we’re sure you’ll be on the hunt for a confident Wellington draughtsman to handle the house design. Our team of Wellington architects are experts at taking any abstract space and transforming it into a functional family environment. From tiny city studios to quaint old churches, we’ve seen our share of unconventional CBD house designs. 

Leave it to the team at Moore to deliver you a truly genius Wellington house design! Here are our top tips for maximising that prime central city real estate with clever architectural design elements… 


Create multi-functional spaces

You’ve probably heard of open-plan living, where the living, kitchen and dining rooms are combined to create one sweeping space. Now open your mind to the concept of even more combinations, whereby our clever team of Wellington Draughtsmen would work their magic to minimise wasted space by further combining rooms. 

Think kitchens with islands or benchtops that could be transformed into dining room tables. Think sneakily hidden cupboards under stairwells that might double as snug offices or reading nooks. While you might not see wasted square feet in glamorous entranceways and grand dining rooms, you’ll certainly appreciate being able to enjoy more ‘rooms’ in your smaller space than you might have thought possible!  


Perfect pathways 

Unfortunately for all you DIY fans, it often takes a seasoned Wellington architect to understand how one might most efficiently travel through the space of a home. You’ll honestly be surprised by how many doors and walls we knockdown and erect just to provide our clients with a few extra square metres of house and a few more hours of precious natural light!  

We won’t take risks with your home. Our design decisions are careful and calculated. Our Wellington draughtsman’s eyes are trained to see the potential in a space, and to see how this potential might be possible within your timeframe and budget. 


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you’re always in good hands with our talented team of Wellington architects here at Moore Design!