What’s the place we spend almost every day in but when building or renovating we commonly forget? It’s our laundry. Unfortunately many-a-times the laundry is a mere afterthought as most of the attention goes to kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Over the years, Moore Design draughtsmen have designed many laundries. So, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. Here are five clever tips to consider when renovating or building a functional laundry room. 


Often clients overlook the placement of their laundries. Our draughtsmen suggest that your laundry should be placed away from your bedrooms and main living spaces. This will ensure that there are minimal disturbances while you’re resting. Be sure to discuss the options you have with your draftsman/architect. There are some clever laundry placements that our draughtsmen can suggest even if you are tight for space in your Wellington home. 

Utilise your ceiling 

Our 4-seasons in one day kind of Wellington weather means drying clothes can be challenging. An easy and reliable solution can be as simple as installing a suspended drying rack. Utilise an otherwise useless space by installing your drying rack into the ceiling. This can be a great economical way to dry clothes, plus you won’t have to rely on the weather.  

Hide your dirty laundry

No one wants to have their dirty laundry showcased. Especially, when you have a newly designed laundry. To avoid this situation, our Wellington house designers commonly recommend pull-out laundry hampers. Installing cupboards that have built-in, pull-out hampers means you can dump your laundry in. And, close the door. Depending on your house plans our draughtsmen may be able to include multiple hampers that separate your work clothes from your gym clothes. 

Iron out the lack of space 

Every great laundry will include a space for pressing clothes. Unfortunately, for a lot of Wellington homeowners space is scarce. Thus, why our house designers suggest an ironing board that folds out of a wall! Your iron board will have its place and will be tucked away, leaving your laundry neat and tidy. 

Front loader appliances

Every laundry room aims to maximise bench and storage space. When shopping for new laundry appliances consider purchasing front loader appliances. This will allow for more bench space and storage as your appliances can be smartly tucked under your bench. 

Need advice on your new laundry plans or designs? Get in touch with our Wellington architectural designers today!