How to create the perfect Wellington house design 

We’re having a bit of fun in today’s blog post, where we’ll be putting together our wishlist for the perfect architectural Wellington house design. See if we include any of your favourite Wellington architecture features in our list and let us know if you’d like to add any of them to your own home.  [...]

2020-05-28T01:50:43+12:00May 15th, 2020|

Working from home? Turn these spaces into a cosy home office 

  Under the stairs  Unless you’re housing Harry Potter under your staircase, this space is usually completely wasted, save a few mops and old pairs of shoes. If you’re not using the pocket of space beneath your stairs for anything important (such as a hot water cylinder location or a bathroom), you’re honestly better off [...]

2020-07-27T18:26:03+12:00April 24th, 2020|

Three storage solutions to request from your Wellington Architectural Designer

Storage in your seating  It’s an eating booth. It’s a window seat. It’s a bird. It’s a plane.  It’s...actually secret storage!  Tiny houses have been sneaking secret storage into their seating for years now. We think it’s a neat space-saving concept with an all-important dual purpose. You’ll be able to enjoy seating while having the [...]

2020-07-27T18:32:24+12:00March 15th, 2020|

Renovating your Wellington home for sale? Read this blog first 

There are a few features that buyers will be prioritising when shopping for their perfect Wellington house design. In today’s article, we’ll touch on a few of the most popular Wellington renovation features we’ve seen sustain their popularity over the years; the sorts of add-ons or decorations that impress, leading to a successful and profitable [...]

2020-07-27T18:34:31+12:00February 27th, 2020|

Stop fuss and save finances on your next Wellington architecture project 

Believe it or not, the secrets to save money when working with a Wellington architect do not lie in cutting corners or minimising your design. At the end of the day, a budget-friendly experience with a Wellington draughtsman happens when you place proper importance on good, thorough communication.  Let us elaborate in today’s article…  [...]

2020-07-27T18:39:21+12:00February 6th, 2020|

2020 trend talk – the Wellington Architecture Edition 

We’ve been trend-watching as we welcome the new year, and we’re honestly quite excited with the design choices that we’re seeing in modern Wellington architecture designs. As Wellington draughtsmen, you can count on us to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to seeing what’s hot in the world of architecture. We don’t, [...]

2020-01-22T18:21:23+13:00January 22nd, 2020|

It’s 2020 and these trends still aren’t going anywhere 

Happy New Year! While we can appreciate that most architecture sites will be kicking off the new decade with a slew of exciting trends to watch out for, we thought we’d open the year with something a little different.  In today’s article, we’ve selected three ex-trends that we feel have become staples in successful Wellington [...]

2020-07-27T18:41:21+12:00January 7th, 2020|

Wellington house design: a stylish floor plan 

Designing a stylish, suitable floor plan is everyone’s favourite part of the Wellington architecture process. Within your walls, you’ll be free to express your personal style and develop a space that suits your lifestyle perfectly. As your Wellington architectural designer of choice, we’ll work closely with you to develop a detailed sketch and 3D walk-through [...]

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