First home? We’re ready for you. Our talented Wellington draughtsmen are ready and able, standing by to greet you and set aside time to dream up your ideal first home. Designing your first home from scratch is a significant step for anyone, and we’re here to make it just a bit less daunting in today’s blog. 


No shame in starting small – homes on a budget can be beautiful 

If you’ve previously been under the impression that a Wellington architect would turn their nose up at a house designed on a smaller budget, we’re here to tell you that such a situation couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, smaller budgets are one of our specialties! Any Wellington architect worth their salt knows how to take a small budget and turn it into an ideal home. It’s a challenge that we gladly accept. 

There’s absolutely no shame in starting small. Far from it! A realistic budget is a sign of intelligence and maturity, and we’re always happy to accommodate a client with a small budget and a big desire to see a beautiful home built for them sooner rather than later. 


Resist the urge to DIY – Invest in the best for a job well done 

If this is your first home, we would strongly suggest resisting the urge to DIY everything. At least for now. Drop the tools and leave your first home to the experts. Sure, you’ll pay a bit more to see a professional handle things in the first chapter of your home’s story, but you’re essentially investing in a strong start that will lead to a smooth overall lifestyle. DIY, especially for the inexperienced, is sometimes more trouble than its worth. Do yourself a favour and budget for professionals, take notes, then try your hand at DIY next time – less risk, less drama, more reward! 


Give yourself room to grow – a strong foundation for a growing family 

Your first home absolutely has the potential to grow into your dream home. You don’t have to establish the dream home right out the gate, either. Give yourself time to learn, to save and to discover what you do and don’t want in a dream home. Save yourself money and effort: instead of assuming you’ll need a certain amount of bedrooms or a certain square footage, simply ask your Wellington architect to start you off on a smaller house design that’s crafted to accommodate more rooms and extensions in the future.