Anyone with a keen interest in the property market knows that finding a decent-sized plot of land is difficult… to say the least. Consequently, local Wellingtonians may have noticed the rise in popularity of smaller homes on narrow sections. Building on a narrow section can be difficult but, it’s definitely possible with correct planning and strategic design. When you’re building on a narrow section, you will want to ensure you get the most out of every square metre of your land by selecting the right house design. Your house design should fit both your section and your lifestyle. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a house plan for a narrower section.


Open plan living: your best friend 

When you are limited on space, always employ open plan living. Walls divide space, so having fewer walls in your home will make your home feel large. Instead of separating your kitchen, dining, and living room with partitions, our Wellington draughtsmen will suggest combining these spaces into one large communal area. The most evident effect of merging a family room with the kitchen is a spacious, brighter, and bigger look. Open plan living will truly become your best friend. 

Vaulted ceilings 

In architectural terms, a vaulted ceiling is a self-supporting arch above walls and beneath a roof. In everyday language, a vaulted ceiling extends upwards from the walls to a centre, creating a volume of space overhead. When vaulted ceilings are used correctly they provide a sense of grandeur, spaciousness and give a vast amount of natural light. Have a chat with your Wellington house designers and draughtsmen about vaulted ceilings. You will commonly find such ceilings in open-plan spaces such as the living room and dining or, in the upper levels of a home. 

Let there be light 

When your Wellington house plans are tight you’ll want to include large windows. Typically, north-facing rooms are better suited to larger windows to make the most of natural light. Your house designer may even suggest including a clerestory window on the north side of your home to let light flow into the rooms orientated to the south. Another excellent option is installing a skylight. Not only will you save on your power bill but you will have a beautiful plethora of light flooding into your home. 

Interior styling

In addition to a well-designed home plan, a few interior styling tips can magically expand the look and feel of your home. Give your home the illusion of space by considering these interior styling tips. 

  • Minimalistic design: Avoid crowding your home with excessive and large pieces of furniture.  Always employ the less is more rule when working with small spaces.  
  • Mirrors: Mirrors bounce both natural and artificial light around, making your room feel brighter and giving the illusion of depth. 
  • Paint: Softer tones will give an optical illusion making a room feel bigger and brighter. 
  • Curtains: Mount ceiling to floor curtains. This will draw the eye upwards giving the illusion of a larger room.


Building a new home on a narrow plot of land? Don’t be narrow-minded. Get in touch with the team at Moore Design to make your dream house plans a reality.