Building a Wellington investment property designed for profit

//Building a Wellington investment property designed for profit

Building a Wellington investment property designed for profit

In a competitive property market, making your home stand out among the crowd is going to involve a lot more than fancy furniture and pretty views. Wellington house design is usually done to accommodate as many people as possible comfortably within close proximity to the city: our buzzing hub of business. We’ve all got to make our way to the city for some reason or another, so Wellington house designs should not only be accommodating, they should be considered a retreat to escape to at the end of a long, tough day.

With all that to unpack, let’s go ahead and lay out the features that renters and buyers want in the perfect (and, in your case, profit-promising) home for you.

A Wellington Architect can offer your home an advantage in a competitive housing market

Designing a home with the help of a professional Wellington draughtsman assures a strong advantage over other homes. While numerous kiwis insist upon buying a ‘fixer-upper’ and renovating the property themselves, you’ll waste no time leaving this task to the professionals. We’ll help you get the most out of your property: after all, we’ve designed hundreds from scratch! If anyone knows their way around a home, it’s a Wellington architect from Moore Architecture.

Smart Spacial Awareness

You’ve got two extremes when it comes to Wellington house design and renovation for investment properties: homeowners either get greedy or they waste space entirely.


The greedy renovator

Eager to squeeze as many paying renters into their homes as possible, some folks will remove and install walls at whim. Creating as many bedrooms as possible is the goal here, and if that means sacrificing precious bathrooms, kitchen and living room space, so be it!

While this might result in an appealing home for students, you’re not going to impress or inspire any families or young professionals – the type of tenants who will bring the bigger bucks (trust us). A Wellington architect will help you even-out the space in your home, ensuring a balance of bedrooms and communal space. Experience has shown us that renters are more attracted to a well thought out floor plan than maxed-out bedrooms, and if that means fewer tenants but pricier rent, then so be it! The higher price of rent is worth it when you consider the professional type of tenant you’ll attract to your evenly-arranged floor plan.


The lazy renovator

Does the idea of a cold, creaky home thickly laced with the scent of must and mould attract you? Does that sound like the sort of space you’d like to move into with your family or flatmates? How about a dated kitchen with no dishwasher, or an ancient bathroom with a myriad of mysterious stains on the wall?

In an unfortunate endeavour to get a ‘fixer-upper’ up and running ASAP, some lazy investors merely throw a property together without a care for quality or comfort. To put it bluntly, this is utterly foolish if you’re purchasing the property in hopes of making a profit from either selling or renting it out. You might make a handful more than you purchased the property for, but is it really worth all that drama? All the auctions, fixing, inspections and then marketing?

Instead, we encourage you to offer your home to a talented and experienced Wellington draughtsman. We’ve worked with customers on numerous budget-conscious projects where saving money has been a priority, but it has not hindered the quality and style of our work. When you trust a professional architect to renovate your home, you’ll reap bigger, better rewards in time.

With careful and considered floor plan layouts and clever use of building materials, we’ll ensure your fixer-upper becomes a young professional or young family’s dream home. People will be lining up to bid on your property, or view it hungrily as a potential rental. After all, you did buy an investment property. So, start treating it like an investment and stop treating it like a used car to clean up and sell on Trademe!


We’ve got more to say on this topic, so don’t go away! Watch this space later this month for our second installment on renovating Investment properties in Melbourne.

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