It’s official, summer is finally here! New Zealand families across the nation will be gearing up for a summer full of barbecuing, outdoor water fights, and patio outdoor dining. Summer is also the time where homeowners pay more attention to their exteriors, as they look for ways to make their outdoor living more enjoyable and welcoming for guests. Although nowadays there are several outdoor solutions, our Wellington house designers believe that an outdoor deck is truly a Kiwi staple. So if you’ve been thinking about investing in a new deck for your home but are still sitting on the fence, here are four reasons why you should build a deck this summer. 


1. Outdoor entertainment 

Perhaps the most obvious reason to add a deck to your home is for better outdoor entertaining. Decks are essentially an extra room just without any walls. So, whether you are entertaining guests for a casual dinner or throwing a big birthday bash, decks are a great way for people to mingle in a relaxed and spacious setting. Plenty of lighting, a few speakers, bar fridges, and even an outdoor kitchen on your deck will up elevate your outdoor entraining experience and, have guests raving for days.  


2. Adds value to your home 

If by any chance you decide to leave your current residence, you will do so with increased home value. Installing a deck is the easiest way to increase the value of your property. Our draftsmen in Wellington know that decks are highly desirable and are highly appreciated by potential buyers. Decks provide that additional living space that is highly sought after and makes your home more attractive thereby increasing the value of your home. 


3. Outdoor home office

Working from home is our new normal. So, why not work in style. Enjoy the balmy weather with your laptop in hand and a cool beverage by your side. A deck will provide a great place to work in leisure, a great switch from the mundane home office. Enjoy the outdoor ambiance for a few hours or the whole day, it’s all up to you!


4. Customisable and functional 

Every deck will have its own style. Most of our clients tend to accessories their decks with fire pits, spas, patio swings, and plants. Customising your deck to fit your design flair will leave you with a retreat, perfect for a mini Wellington staycation this summer. 


There are countless design styles and features that can be explored when it comes to decks. To get the latest deck designs or to have a deck drawn into your house plans get in touch with the team at Moore design. We have an extensive team of house designers and draftsmen in Wellington who understand New Zealand trends and climates. Contact us today so that you can enjoy the rest of summer in style.