Earlier in the month, we explored a simple guide to building your dream Wellington Home. The team at Moore Design is back with the last two steps so that you can be fully informed in the building process.

Concept design 

The concept design stage is where your vision starts to come alive. With the aid of 3D imagery, plans, and layouts your build will come to life thanks to our draughtsmen and house designers. The concept design considers the initial design brief and all the relevant information that was sourced during the pre-design and analysis stage. Our house designers will then share the designs with the client and review the vision for the project. 

Based on the discussion and feedback provided by the client, Moore Design will take the project to the next stage where your design will be developed. 3D images are then updated to reflect any changes that were requested by the client. At the end of the developed design, most design decisions have been made and your build starts to progress towards building professionals. 

Building estimates, resources & building consents, and working with the council are the next steps of action. These steps usually take some time and can be figured out with your local Wellington draughtsmen and architect. 

Construction observation 

The most exciting and important step pertains to construction. Moore Design can provide construction observation services for your project. We will ensure the quality of the build meets the documentation and specification required to satisfy your expectations. We can take care of:

  • Quality assurance 
  • Site meetings 
  • Providing direction to builders 
  • Administering contract & payment schedules 
  • Defect resolution

Building your dream Wellington home can be stressful, but is possible with the team at Moore Design. Trust our experienced and professional Wellington team of architects, draughtsmen, and house designers with your dream project. From concept to keys the team at Moore Design will be at your side. Stress-free & seamless. Get in touch today.