Will you be designing your first home any time soon? Looking for the right sort of room to grow your young family? Got your heart set on a seven-bedroom home with all the mods and cons?

Too many first-time homeowners expect that they need all the necessary rooms and expanses of square footage to compensate for their family, despite the fact that they might not have even started it yet! The truth is that you are by no means expected to have your ‘end game’ home prepared immediately – this will cost you a lot of money to construct and maintain.

As the sought after Wellington architectural designer for many first-time homeowners, we’ve seen a fair few overly ambitious families coming to us with plans for immediate expansion. For such situations, we recommend the following alternative Wellington house designing tips for first-timers.

Bigger land, smaller home

If you’re planning to expand your family, start by investing in a larger property rather than a larger Wellington house design. Give your Wellington draughtsman room to work with – we can always reexamine your design in the future and add or expand rooms. With room to stretch out and expand your home across your property, you’ll find it much easier (and more affordable) to add rooms to your Wellington house design as you need them, rather than all at once and up front.

With more land to build upon, you’ll secure some much-needed extra space for the future, giving you time to save up and see where life takes your little family.

Strong foundations

Should your land lack the space for spreading out, you can actually build up with the help of a talented Wellington architectural designer! Let us design the initial layout of your home with strong foundations to accommodate upward growth in the future. Allowing yourself time to save up means you’ll have the freedom to build up when the time comes to add a new room or two to your property. Most Homeowners find that adding another story to their Wellington house design opens their home up to some beautiful views – this will give you something to look forward to! You might like to let the kids have your old room downstairs while you enjoy an upstairs master suite, added on retrospectively and designed by the talented team of Wellington architectural designers at Moore Design.