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Why your dream home might not work on the property you’ve purchased

Our island country has a way of dictating what kind of designs we can get away with when plotting our houses across its oftentimes challenging terrain. Wellington, for example, is surrounded by seawater and set upon harsh, rocky hills that meet some of the world’s mightiest winds head on. If you’re designing a home in [...]

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Designing a home for future generations to enjoy

Could there be anything more romantic than envisioning your children and grandchildren growing up in and enjoying your family home as much as you have? Designing a multi-generational home to suit any and all future family members is completely achievable, but there are going to be do’s and don’ts that you’ll want to familiarise yourself [...]

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Key landscaping elements for your Wellington house design

In addition to Wellington house design, the talented architects at Moore Design and Draughting offer landscaping services to homeowners looking to maximise their property for the warmer months ahead. If you’re planning to prepare your own personal paradise around the exterior of your home, let us both inform and inspire you with a few key [...]

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Overcoming the challenge of a sloping Wellington property

Stand along any square inch of Wellington’s waterfront and take in the view of the city around you. What do you see? Hills. Kilometers and kilometers of them! We love our cool little capital city, but its abnormally hilly terrain makes it an awkward place for securing level plots of land. Because most of the [...]

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The process of designing a commercial building in Wellington (Part 2)

The construction of a commercial building in Wellington starts with architecture and moves forward into a tangible monument to clever design and commerce. Designing a commercial building in Wellington means following strict steps that follow the building through from design to completion. In our last blog, we covered the early steps in which we (your [...]

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The process of designing a commercial building in Wellington (Part 1)

Designing your commercial buildings in Wellington is an exciting challenge for both businesses and architects alike. Both parties will need to work together to meet the strict requirements of our council while delivering a beautiful and attractive workspace that sustains your company for many years to come. You'll want a building that stands out, with [...]

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Sound a little smarter with these three important Architecture terms

Architects tend to have a language all their own, exchanging interesting terminology that might baffle the average client! If you’re looking to design a home in Wellington with a Wellington architect, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up a few of these quirky phrases when discussing the design of your house. From construction lingo to [...]

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Designing and customising your Wellington dream home

There are plenty of perks to be enjoyed when you work with a Wellington architect to design your dream home from scratch. When you’ve lived in enough homes with nonsensical layouts, tiny kitchens and awkwardly situated bedrooms, we know you’ll be keen to get your Wellington house draughting underway! Before you race to get an [...]

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Your First Moore Design and Draughting Meeting: What to Expect

As with any construction project, confident and concise communication is the key to a successful build. This is all well and good when it comes to commercial Wellington architecture, but designing a family home in Wellington is a different and more personal matter entirely. Your happiness rests for a time on the shoulders of your [...]

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