Key landscaping elements for your Wellington house design

In addition to Wellington house design, the talented architects at Moore Design and Draughting offer landscaping services to homeowners looking to maximise their property for the warmer months ahead. If you’re planning to prepare your own personal paradise around the exterior of your home, let us both inform and inspire you with a few key [...]

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Downsizing your Wellington home: you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

Believe it or not, many Wellingtonians have traded in their vast family homes for something a little cosier. When the baby birds have flown and children’s rooms are vacated, a smaller living space is a practical and ultimately more fun option for many Wellington homeowners – now, you can have your home exactly as you [...]

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Overcoming the challenge of a sloping Wellington property

Stand along any square inch of Wellington’s waterfront and take in the view of the city around you. What do you see? Hills. Kilometers and kilometers of them! We love our cool little capital city, but its abnormally hilly terrain makes it an awkward place for securing level plots of land. Because most of the [...]

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Letting in the light: designing your building for light optimization

  Architecture can be a wonderful tool. Your architect can help you save money and create an environmentally-friendly building simply by designing your home to maximise on natural light. More of us are looking for sustainable solutions to apply to our offices, retail buildings, schools and homes. Lighting is possibly the most important component of [...]

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The process of designing a commercial building in Wellington (Part 2)

The construction of a commercial building in Wellington starts with architecture and moves forward into a tangible monument to clever design and commerce. Designing a commercial building in Wellington means following strict steps that follow the building through from design to completion. In our last blog, we covered the early steps in which we (your [...]

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Building a Wellington investment property designed for profit

In a competitive property market, making your home stand out among the crowd is going to involve a lot more than fancy furniture and pretty views. Wellington house design is usually done to accommodate as many people as possible comfortably within close proximity to the city: our buzzing hub of business. We’ve all got to [...]

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Out with the old: goodbye industrial hello natural

  Feel like you just can’t keep up with all those architectural trends while designing your home in Wellington? Your architect experts at Moore Architecture read you loud and clear! We’re seeing a huge shift in architectural aesthetic in New Zealand as homeowners opt for a new style that isn’t really new at all. Confused? Let [...]

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Refining your Wellington floorplan

Perfecting your floor plan is the key to a successful Wellington house design. When draughting your home in Lower Hutt or Wellington, the talented team of architects at Moore Architecture will work together with you on a plan fit for you or your family. To deliver reliable functionality and undeniable class for this and many [...]

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The process of designing a commercial building in Wellington (Part 1)

Designing your commercial buildings in Wellington is an exciting challenge for both businesses and architects alike. Both parties will need to work together to meet the strict requirements of our council while delivering a beautiful and attractive workspace that sustains your company for many years to come. You'll want a building that stands out, with [...]

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Wasted Space: how to design a home fit for the Wellington CBD

This blog goes out to all the eager property owners looking to renovate in Wellington or draught a Wellington home from scratch in the CBD. By now you’ve probably got a few neat ideas for your property, and we can’t wait to help you start sketching those ideas into existence! However, before we dive into [...]

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