Part 1: Are you ready to commit to the open plan lifestyle?

Are you currently considering a conversion to the open plan lifestyle? If you’re coming from a home with tight hallways and closed-off compartmentalised rooms, the concept of open plan living tends to attract. While the open plan arrangement looks truly gorgeous in lifestyle magazines and home entertaining situations, it might not function in such a [...]

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Wellington renovation inspiration for 2019

If your house just doesn’t meet the requirements of everyday family life, 2019 can be your year to change that. Homes should be functional above all other fashions or features. If a home is awkward to use, travel through or indeed exist in, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with its design. Not to worry, because [...]

2019-05-10T19:52:25+12:00May 13th, 2019|

Baby steps: start small with your dream home

Will you be designing your first home any time soon? Looking for the right sort of room to grow your young family? Got your heart set on a seven-bedroom home with all the mods and cons? Too many first-time homeowners expect that they need all the necessary rooms and expanses of square footage to compensate [...]

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Commercial Building on a Budget: Small Properties

Office Buildings Smaller properties aren’t a problem. They simply challenge your Wellington architect to be more creative when planning your building. There’s one all-important rule to follow when designing for smaller commercial spaces. Your Wellington commercial building design should feature no wasted space, and should provide plenty of multi-functionality among its rooms. Commercial Wellington architecture [...]

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Industrial design ain’t going nowhere (and we’re okay with that)

The iconic architectural trend of industrial-inspired design is here to stay. A beautiful balance of functionality and fashion (with just a pinch of rusticism), you’ll still find the signs of industrial design looming in many modern Wellington architectural projects. Not that we’re complaining – we love a touch of hearty industrial elegance here at Moore [...]

2019-03-14T17:15:57+12:00March 14th, 2019|

The importance of appreciating Wellington architecture

Architecture isn’t always an indulgence. It’s actually built into our DNA to appreciate beauty. Elegant, robust and aesthetically pleasing examples of architecture have the potential to be beloved by generations. When it comes to designing your own home or commercial structure, we would implore you to consider the overall image carefully, as its construction could [...]

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Planning a renovation in 2019? Read this first…

Will the New Year bring new additions to your home? Whether you’re expanding for your growing family or you simply fancy some stylish architectural changes, renovation is a cost-effective way to transform your home. Rather than buying and building from scratch, why not let a savvy Wellington architect see the existing potential for pretty and [...]

2019-01-21T20:36:37+12:00February 10th, 2019|

Adding value to your Wellington house design – outdoors

With Christmas incoming, we thought it would be appropriate to put together a little Wellington architecture wishlist for features that can add value to your property. A successful Wellington house design comes complete with basics but goes the extra mile in matters of outdoor entertaining. Let’s take a look at top three features that any [...]

2019-01-21T20:34:54+12:00January 25th, 2019|

2019 brings new trends to the Wellington architecture scene

Our talented team of Wellington architects are always on the lookout for architectural trends to inspire our designs. While some trends are focussed mostly on fashion and aesthetics, we're pleased to inform you that this year's lot of features in focus are going to be more practical and even sustainable. took the time to [...]

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See your 2019 dream home on screen: 3D Wellington draughting

Sometimes a 2D sketch and a few descriptive terms from your architect just aren’t enough to give you a fully-realised vision of your Wellington house design. When this is the case, we offer an exciting and innovative new service called 3D house rendering. 3D Wellington house design is an exciting concept that brings a bounty [...]

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