Welcome 2020 with a Wellington house design fit for the future

Every Wellington house design presents an opportunity for an exciting adventure. It’s a special sort of experience that, with the right sorts of people helping you on your journey, will leave a lasting impact that might see future generations benefitting from your family’s present-day choices. What an exciting and slightly daunting thought!  As we move [...]

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Designing a compact Wellington home for the CBD

Having secured that perfect slice of CBD property, we’re sure you’ll be on the hunt for a confident Wellington draughtsman to handle the house design. Our team of Wellington architects are experts at taking any abstract space and transforming it into a functional family environment. From tiny city studios to quaint old churches, we’ve seen [...]

2019-11-29T10:11:47+13:00November 25th, 2019|

Key landscaping elements for your Wellington house design

For the talented architects at Moore Design, Wellington house design is just one of many fabulous services we can provide when renovating or developing your modern property. Did you know that our services extend to your Wellington landscape design too? Whether your garden exists within a petit square metre or traverses the better part of [...]

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Designing a deck for your home in Wellington

Despite all the miserable rain and wind tearing through our capital lately, we’re still optimistic about the summer months ahead. With our minds affixed on those long temperate evenings and warm poolside afternoons, we’re inspired to pen a blog about outdoor entertainment architecture, explaining how you can incorporate some outdoor fun into your Wellington house [...]

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Downsize with style: save money on your next Wellington house design

The concept of minimalism isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. In fact, a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle is encouraged. If you have the option of designing a fresh new home, consider doing so on a smaller scale. Bigger doesn’t always equal better, and a smaller home presents your Wellington architect with a [...]

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Wellington house alterations series: Kitchens

Your kitchen is the heart and hub of your home. From your morning cuppa to your after school or work snacks, you and your family will use this space more than any other area in your home. If you’re looking into a kitchen renovation to maximise and modernise this space, our Wellington house alterations experts [...]

2019-08-20T16:11:37+12:00August 20th, 2019|

Wellington house extension: Why move when you can extend? 

As your family grows and the need for more space becomes dire, too many folks forsake their gorgeous family homes to search for an affordable property with more bedrooms and square footage. If your house has beautiful bones, you love the area and you’ve got a little extra land up your sleeve, the team at [...]

2019-07-18T20:19:17+12:00August 10th, 2019|

Architectural issues you only notice in the winter (part 2)

In this continuation of our winter blog series, we’ll explore two more Wellington house alterations that matter when the weather gets wild. Whether you need a Wellington architect to make these alterations to your home, or you’d just like to be aware of what to avoid when designing a home in Wellington, we hope you [...]

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