Whether you’re looking into Wellington house alterations for an existing home, or you’re looking to architecturally design new Wellington house plans entirely, we’ve got an important topic you should tune in to. Spending the winter season in a home will reveal much in the way of comfort and build quality. A good Wellington draughtsman will ensure your home features all the necessary requirements for a happy and healthy lifestyle. When the colder darker months hit, it becomes more important than ever to ensure a home is reaching its fullest comfort potential to give you a healthy and comfortable living environment.



If your home is a dark, dank and miserable place to live in during the winter, or you’d like to avoid it becoming that way when you design it with a Wellington architect, read on.


The North Facing Obsession

It’s easy to tell when you’ve landed yourself in a home that wasn’t built to ‘survive the winter’. A home that suits all seasons doesn’t necessarily have to work like a luxurious log cabin during the winter and a breezy bach during the summer. It just has to feature enough light to warm the home during the winter, and enough windows to cool the home during the summer.

If the windows are too wide and plentiful, you’ll risk overheating your home – this can happen in the middle of summer and the middle of winter, believe it or not! If your windows are too sparse and are featured in the wrong locations, you’ll risk a dark, dank and truly miserable home, especially during the winter months. Without the sun’s natural warmth and light, both you and your home could face health issues from mould, mildew and the winter blues.

Did you know that there is a complex art and science involved in the positioning your windows, doors, decks and eaves in regard to the way that the sun travels across the sky? Unfortunately, smacking floor-to-ceiling doors all over the walls that face the sun for the most daytime hours won’t solve your winter heating problems, but there are plenty of more effective solutions on offer to you. Before making Wellington house alterations or creating your first Wellington house plan, we would recommend taking a long look at this helpful article.


Keep an eye out for part 2!

Next month – our country’s coldest month of the year – we’ll dive into a few more ways in which you can design a Wellington house that’s smart for all seasons. Keep an eye out if you’re designing or renovating a home in Wellington this chilly season!